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At Southern Custom Shutters, we are pleased to offer a wide range of plantation shutters as well as additional window treatments such as roller shades, blinds, and more.

When you’re at home, you want the luxury of knowing you get to enjoy your quiet moments in privacy. We understand that, and we also know that many people don’t want to compromise that privacy but would still like to enjoy the breeze.

Plantation shutters are the perfect solution, whether you live in the south or not. Enjoying the Boston breeze from the comfort of your own home with the added benefits of energy efficiency and security is a home upgrade most people don’t know they need until they have it.

The large slats of southern plantation shutters prevent onlookers from seeing inside while granting you the control to either let more light in or keep things dark. Plus, their classic design looks good in almost any style of home and will stay in style for years to come.

Choose between an inner-window mount or an exterior mount depending on the size and space of your indoor rooms, and decide whether you want to cover the whole window or just the bottom half. The options are endless when it comes to plantation blinds in Boston, MA.

While regular blinds can last for 4-5 years, interior plantation shutters can last more than 25 years when properly cared for. You can select your favorite material, too, like wood or faux wood, vinyl plantation shutters, or a wood/vinyl combination.

Do you have specific paint or design needs? We’re happy to offer your custom-built, painted, or stained shutters to match the aesthetic of your home. Whatever you are hoping to accomplish with your plantation shutters, we are eager to get to work!

Not everyone wants to install plantation shutters in their home, which is why we’re proud to offer additional window treatment options such as blinds and roller shades. Learn more about the Boston window treatments we offer.


Salem Wood

The Salem Wood Plantation Shutter is our top of the line custom wood plantation shutter. The quality of this product surpasses most products on the market. It is constructed with all hardwood components. 

  • Available in our standard 2 1/2″, 3 1/2”and 4 1/2″ contoured louver.
  • Offered in 10 standard white and off-white colors. (Custom paint is available if a standard color does not match. We also have a variety of stain colors that can be matched.)

Salem Hybrid

The Salem Hybrid Shutter is a shutter consisting of a combination of wood and vinyl components. The stiles are wood and the rails and louvers are poly. The Salem Hybrid is painted in our production line.

  • Available in 10 standard colors
  • Custom finish available for a surcharge

Premium Poly

Unlike other industry faux wood products that are vinyl wrapped MDF our Premium Poly Plantation Shutter is constructed of solid vinyl components making it more durable than most other faux wood shutters in the industry. 

  • Available in 3 standard colors
  • Can be painted any of our Level 2 standard colors for a surcharge.

Why Choose Southern Custom Shutters?

There’s no need to shop around for shutter suppliers. We go the extra mile to provide the best service in the region. We strive to provide the residents of Boston, MA and surrounding areas with professional-grade services geared towards customer satisfaction.

The team here at Southern Custom Shutters has over 30 years of experience supplying locally manufactured plantation shutters and other home interior products.

We Offer:

Straightforward and affordable prices

100% customer satisfaction

Free quotes and consultations

High-quality American-made products

Professional-grade installation services

Additional Window Treatments


Blinds are a great choice when you want timeless window treatments that will blend well into any home decor style. At Southern Custom Shutters, we can offer a wide range of blind styles, colors, and finishes and specialize in custom blind installations.

If you don’t want to install curtains in your home, window blinds are a great alternative. They give you control over how much light you let in as well as provide an additional level of privacy.

Choose your favorite stain, size, and color and we will make you gorgeous wood blinds from our American basswood material for a classic look and eco-friendly impact. Alternatively, you can also choose to use faux wood blinds if you want a more affordable solution or need something that will work in a high-moisture setting.

Roller Shades

Another light-blocking and privacy option are roller shades. These shades, as their name indicates, roll up and down as needed to control the indoor temperature, offer additional privacy, and block out the sunlight.


If you think roller shades are the right choice for your home, you should first determine which style you’d like to use in your home. You can choose from continuous roller shades, simple roller shades, or decorative roller shades. Decorative and continuous roller shades are slightly more expensive, while simple roller window shades offer a more affordable option.

From there, decide the fabric style and color you’d like to use. We have fabrics that range from sheer to let in some of the light to privacy shades that don’t allow any light in. If you fall somewhere in the middle, we have roller shades for that too.

Our Boston, MA, roller shades team is on standby to help you select the right roller shades for your convenience, privacy, and lighting needs.

Which Window Treatment is Right for You?

Not sure which window treatment option is right for you and your home? It can be overwhelming when you’re looking at all of the various treatment options available to you, but the choice comes down to your taste as well as your budget and the way you intend to use your window treatment once installed.

If you’re considering shutters, know that while these are the biggest investment up-front, they offer unmatched privacy and control over light as well as breeze. Plus, they last up to five times as long as blinds or roller shades, so you are surely getting your money’s worth. Most people select shutters as a stand-alone treatment without any curtains, as they become integrated with the room’s design. They look great in larger rooms, but our plantation shutter installation can also fit them within the window to accommodate space in a smaller room.

If you think blinds may work well for you, consider their lower price and the high level of control over light. You have tons of options when it comes to colors, textures, materials, design, and style, and they look great alone or when paired with a valence or curtains.

If you’re considering the roller shades in Boston, MA, know that they aren’t as versatile as blinds but they are beautiful and easy to use. They look great in one area of the home or can provide a cohesive look throughout.

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