Design Decisions: Finding the Perfect Style and Color for Your Plantation Shutters

8 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Plantation Shutters

A beautiful set of custom plantation shutters can transform any home into a warm and inviting retreat.

Southern Custom Shutters has been manufacturing interior shutters for over twenty five years and has over fifty years industry experience in the crafting of solid wood and faux wood plantation shutters. We have all of the know-how and experience needed to help you with your window treatment project.

Plantation shutters add style and elegance to any home. They not only protect your home, but they also serve as a decorative feature. They also provide protection from moisture, UV rays, and other damaging elements. However, buying interior shutters can be challenging. There are many options to choose from, and each choice comes with its own set of pros and cons. So, how should you go about choosing the right plantation shutters?

Beautiful Shutters On Windows

Choosing Plantation Shutters Can Be Overwhelming.. Make Sure You Consider These Options Before Making Your Choice

Plantation shutters are great options for many of our customers because they are durable, affordable, energy efficient, and add beauty to their homes. With such a huge selection of indoor shutters available, buying one that’s right for you can be daunting. To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve compiled this list of eight things to consider before purchasing new interior shutters.

White Painted Interior Shutters
Painted White Plantation Shutters with 3.5 Louvers,Tilt Rods Divider Rails Inside Mount
Where your shutters will be installed can determine which style of shutter to purchase.

Where are your Windows Located? Which Room Are you Furnishing?

When it comes to choosing window shutters for your home, the first thing to consider is where they will be installed. Placement and aesthetic choice is very important when choosing the ideal type of shutters and blinds for your home.

Your interior shutters should fit your space and the room they’ll be installed in. Does the room have moisture and humidity, such as a bathroom? In this case you’ll want to choose a material like poly that provides protection from these elements. Are you looking for increased privacy or the ability to control the amount of natural light you’re letting in? To get a perfect fit for your room and your home, a professional installer is beneficial to make sure you get the right plantation shutters for the right windows.


Which Material Is Best for You? | Here’s the difference between our different materials so you can choose which is right for each room in your home:

Choosing the right material is the first step towards deciding which type of shutter is right for you. Do you want solid wood, full poly or a combination of the two? Which is best for your home?

Plantation Shutters On Bedroom Windows
High Quality Solid Poplar Wood

Solid Wood Plantation Shutters

High quality real wood is a great choice for living rooms or bedrooms, or anywhere you want the superiority of genuine solid poplar wood.

Real wood shutters are built with solid, sturdy wood and offer superior craftsmanship. The style is timeless, and can be customized in any stain or color. Our Salem Wood Plantation Shutters offer a classic look and the superior finish is durable and built to last. They’re recommended for any room where you want a high quality solid wood product.

Arched Plantation Shutters Poly Kitchen Area
Premium Poly Plantation Shutters

Full Poly Plantation Shutters

Full poly is a popular choice and recommended for homeowners who want the look and feel of wood, but want a more cost effective, eco-friendly alternative.

Our Premium Poly Plantation Shutters are perfect for areas with increased moisture and humidity like bathrooms, kitchens or garages, but can also be a great solution for living spaces, too. Our full poly shutters also have a quicker turn-around time than our solid wood interior shutters.

White Shutters On Arched Windows
combination of poly and solid wood

Hybrid Shutters: Poly and Solid Wood Blend

The combination of poly and solid wood has become very popular for many homeowners, giving the best of both materials.  Poly and solid wood shutters are the most cost effective choice and are recommended for those wanting a durable product at a more budget friendly price. They also have a quicker turn-around time than our solid wood shutters.

Our Salem Hybrid Plantation Shutters are our most popular product and are high quality, energy efficient, durable and low maintenance.

Tier On Tier Vs Cafe Shutters Vs Full Height
Cafe Shutters vs Teir-on-Teir Shutters vs Full-Height Shutters
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What Style of Shutter Do You Prefer?

There are three different types of interior shutters. They are the café, full height and tier on tier. Each of these styles offer something different, and some people might prefer one over the other.

  • Café Shutters
  • Café shutters only cover half of the window, as opposed to the full height shutter which covers the entire window. Café shutters cover the bottom half of the window but the top is open. This style is recommended for anyone who wants a classic look with a bit more sunlight coming through.
  • Tier on Tier Shutters
  • Tier on tier shutters, also called double hung shutters provide complete coverage similar to the full height design.
  • Tier on tier shutters feature two hanging assemblies, one above the other and have a gap between each. When the lower section is closed, the upper section remains open. As the lower section is raised, the upper section closes. Some want to open the top half into the room and leave the bottom closed and in that case a double hung design is a great choice.
  • Full-Height Shutters
  • On the other hand the full-height shutters which cover the entire window are great for windows of all sizes and are also perfect for doors. If you’d like to keep the bottom closed and open the top, you can also add a center rail or a split tilt design as this serves the same purpose as tier-on-tier. This will allow you to open and close each section independently of each other, giving you the privacy of tier-on-tier, where the lower section can be closed but the top open to increase lighting when needed.
Divider Rail Vs No Divider Rail

Divider Rail or No Divider Rail

A divider rail is a fixed horizontal bar in between the top and bottom of the shutter that allows the top and bottom louvers to be controlled separately.

Center rails or split tilt lets you have the option of keeping the bottom section closed for privacy and having the top open to let natural light in. Some customers would rather have a full view however and let in as much light as possible. This design is great for homes with beautiful views or those without neighbors if size restrictions allow.

What Louver and Slat Size is Best for You, and What Are the Differences Between Them? | Louvers are the wood or faux wood slats that allow adjustable light control.

At Southern Custom Shutters, we offer three louver sizes. Each louver size has a different view and allows more or less light to come through, depending on which size louver you choose. The 2 1/2 slat size has a 2″ view, the 3 1/2 slats have a 3″ view and the 4 1/2 slat size has a 4″ view.

Plantation Shutter Louver Sizes
Inside Mount Shutters

Inside Mount

If windows have deep casements and you want trim kept intact with a cleaner look, then an inside mount shutter is a great choice.

Outside Mount Shutters

Outside Mount

On the other hand, an outside mount shutter is recommended if your windows have shallow casements so the louvers can open. Also, if the windows are out of square with a frame, then an outside mount shutter can make them look more square.

Z Frame Shutters - Plantation Shutters Z Frames


A Z-frame, which is used for inside mount shutters, is crafted in the shape of the letter ‘Z’. Part of the Z creates a lip around the window and the other part sits inside the window.

If you choose an inside mount shutter and your windows have no trim with drywall only, z-frames are a good choice. This gives a cleaner look with less of a gap if the window is out of square.

A Z-frame will protrude approx 9.5mm into the room.

Inside Mount or Outside Mount?

When you buy interior window shutters, you’re going to need to choose whether you want them mounted inside or outside your window frame.

Inside Mount Vs Outside Mount
Z Frame Inside Mount Diagram
Tilt Rod Vs No Tilt Rod Jpg

Traditional Charm vs. Contemporary Style: Comparing Tilt-Rod and Clearview Shutter Aesthetics

Tilt Rod or Clearview?

A tilt rod, which is a visible vertical rod in the center of each panel that allows the slats to be opened or closed simultaneously is a more traditional option. Clearview, which is a hidden tilt rod positioned in the back of the shutter nearest the window offers a cleaner look. It’s personal preference and Southern Custom Shutters manufactures both styles, and either design is a good choice.

Finally, Price and Installation.. Do You Go Cheap or Invest in High Quality Shutters and Professional Installation?

Plantation shutters are one of the best home improvements that can dramatically change your home’s energy efficiency, curb your electric bill and improve your properties value. With proper installation, they can be a wonderful addition to your home, adding privacy and style while saving you money and reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Quality interior shutters require proper installation however.

Many people are wary of the cost of installing custom plantation shutters. Some even claim they can save money by simply purchasing and installing themselves instead of hiring an expert installer. There is no substitute, however, for expert craftsmanship, a professional approach, and top quality materials and design. Interior shutters must be expertly crafted and installed by a trained installer who is properly equipped for the job. To ensure the best possible results, choosing a company with experience installing shutters is essential. A company that has successfully installed shutters in the past and knows what to look for during installation is vital. A company that offers free consultations, will answer each of your questions and make sure your shutter installation goes smoothly will make your shutter purchase hassle free. 

Finally, choosing a company that knows how to install plantation shutters and window treatments correctly, will make sure you don’t end up spending more time and money replacing your shutters than you spent in the first place.

So, what’s your best bet? Choosing a company like Southern Custom Shutters, with 50+ years experience manufacturing and installing interior shutters, will save you money in the long run. SCS has the experience and the know-how and will professionally measure and install your shutters smoothly, from start to finish.

Final Thoughts: Why Consulting with Experts Can Make a Difference in Your Shutter Selection

In Conclusion

In conclusion, traditional custom plantation shutters can be an investment that will last for decades. There is no doubt that they provide a sense of luxury and comfort to any home. They have long been used in the South to add a distinctive and timeless element to windows.

Now that you know what to consider before purchasing interior shutters, you are prepared to choose the right custom window treatment for your home. Southern Custom Shutters is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of window treatments in the Carolinas and is ready to help you with your shutter installation today! To learn more about our interior shutters, blinds and shades, including our motorized shades, contact SCS today and schedule a free in-home consultation.