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On average, there are 218 sunny days per year in Charlotte, North Carolina, so window treatments are a must to keep your home comfortable.

Plantation shutters are a stylish and effective method of controlling the amount of light throughout your home and providing you with much-needed privacy.

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Plantation shutters are also easy to install and maintain. No more heavy cloth drapes gathering dust around your house that you have to worry about cleaning.

Southern Custom Shutters is the premier plantation shutter expert in the Charlotte area. Southern plantation shutters come in a variety of modern styles and materials, so you are sure to find the ideal match for your home.

You can choose from our Salem wood plantation shutter, faux wood plantation shutter, or the vinyl plantation shutter.

Choose Southern Custom Shutters to install plantation shutters in your home, and you can kiss your old curtains goodbye!

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Our Custom Plantation Shutters | Classic and Timeless

No two homes are the same, which is why we believe that custom window treatments should be made just for your home. Our staff of trained specialists will take measurements and consider your needs to make sure you get the perfect window treatments for your unique space. With over 50 years of experience in plantation shutters, we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with your new window treatments.

Our Most Popular Wooden Window Shutters

Salem Wood Plantation Shutters

The Salem Wood Plantation Shutter is our top of the line custom wood plantation shutter. The quality of this custom shutter surpasses most products on the market. It is constructed with all hardwood components.

Wood and Poly Interior Shutters

Salem Hybrid Plantation Shutters

The Salem Hybrid Plantation Shutter is a shutter consisting of a combination of wood and vinyl components. The stiles are wood and the rails and louvers are poly. The Salem Hybrid Shutter is painted with your choice of color in our production line.


Premium Poly Plantation Shutters

Unlike other industry faux wood shutters that are vinyl wrapped MDF, our Premium Poly Plantation Shutter is made from a solid core poly material which is extremely strong and durable, and will last longer than most other faux wood shutters in the industry.

Why Choose Southern Custom Shutters?

There’s no need to shop around for plantation shutter companies.

We go the extra mile to ensure we provide a personalized service that is tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on providing first-rate services that are professional grade and always geared towards you as our customer.

The team here at Southern Custom Shutters has over 50 years of experience supplying locally manufactured custom plantation shutters and other home interior products.

Wood Plantation Shutters - Bathroom Window
Window Blinds and Roller Shades

Additional Window Treatments

Depending on your lighting and design preference, you may not wish to install plantation shutters in every room of your home. That is why Southern Custom Shutters offers additional options so you can find the perfect window treatments for every type of living space. When you choose Southern Custom Shutters as your window treatment provider, you can take your pick from a variety of window blinds and roller shade solutions.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are based on a similar concept as plantation shutters in that they allow you to adjust how much light and air come into your home when they are down.

The way that window blinds are installed and how they operate is what sets blinds and plantation shutters apart. While plantation shutters are more or less permanently in place, window blinds can be pulled up and down.

One possible advantage to blinds in certain rooms is that they are less visible when they are pulled up than plantation shutters.

Southern Custom Shutters offers a variety of window blinds, including wood and faux wood options. You can trust Southern Customer Shutters to handle your custom blind installation quickly and professionally.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are another popular window treatment option.

Roller shades are similar to window blinds in that they can be pulled up or down. Unlike blinds, roller shades have one setting when they are down, both for how much light comes in and how much air is allowed to circulate.

When roller shades are rolled up, it is like they are not there. They will not interfere with the style of a room and are a minimalist window treatment option.

You do not have to sacrifice style when you choose roller shades for your home. Southern Custom Shutters offers a variety of roller shades, motorized roller shades, solar shades, and deck shade options.

We'll make it easy to find the perfect window treatment for your space

Which Window Treatment is Right For You?

When deciding which window treatment is right for you, consider two things: function and style. You will probably find that different window treatments work better for different rooms in your home.

The Function you Need, the Style You Want

The purpose of window treatments is to allow you to control the amount of light in a room at any given time. Window treatments not only allow you to set the mood but also protect you from the hot sun in the summer while letting air circulate and keeping your home cool.

Plantation shutters and blinds give you more control over how much light is allowed in. Whereas roller shades provide just one setting, you can easily adjust the amount of light in your room with either custom interior plantation shutters or plantation blinds.

Deciding on the material for your shutters or blinds is not just a style choice. Functionally, some materials will do better in dry rooms, whereas others will perform better in areas exposed to more moisture.

Easily Change the Esthetic of Any Room

How your window treatments will blend in with the design of your home is an important consideration.

For example, plantation shutters can be a statement piece or the focal point of a room, whereas blinds and roller shades blend more easily into a room’s design, especially when they are pulled up.

Blinds and shades also tend to be less obstructive so you can layer additional window treatments on top, like light statement curtains, for another style option.

At Southern Customer Shutters, you can pick from many custom styles and materials for your window treatments to ensure the best design fit.

Charlotte, North Carolina

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