Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to some frequently asked questions about our plantation shutters, shades, and blinds. Learn more about our products and installation services.

Yes, we manufacture a solid wood, a hybrid, and a faux wood premium poly plantation shutter. Our hybrid plantation shutter has both solid wood and solid poly components. Our premium poly is all solid poly.
Our solid wood shutter is durable and high quality. It’s our most high end shutter. Our poly shutter is made of our solid poly vinyl and is great for rooms with higher humidity like bathrooms. Our hybrid shutter is made with wood and premium poly and is the most economical shutter we offer.
No, we manufacture a high quality solid poly plantation shutter that is durable and built to last.

No, our wood shutter does not require maintenance other than the use of a damp cloth for getting the dust off. Make sure you dry them well after cleaning because if water gets absorbed it could damage the wood. Also, we do not recommend cleaning with anything other than a damp cloth (no pledge or other cleaners) as this could damage the wood or the varnish.

* Our full poly shutter helps protect from water damage, but our wood components are not.

Our hybrid shutter is our most popular. It’s made with a combination of wood and poly so you get the benefits of both.

No, once the shutters are painted you won’t be able to tell the difference.

We only repair shutters that we manufacture.
We do not manufacture exterior shutters that are made for decoration.
If you decide to order your shutters, you would pay us half up front. We will begin the manufacturing process and then once your shutters are built, we will come out to install them, and the second half of the payment is required at this time. You can pay the rep who installs your shutters via check or you can call us and pay via credit card.
It’s really a personal preference.. The tilt rod has a more traditional look and the clearview provides a more modern look.. It can also depend on the style of home you have. If you have a southern style home, you might want to choose the tilt rod for a more timeless look, but if your home is more modern, then the clearview might be your choice.
Not at all.. there is a clearview strip behind the shutter so that all louvers can be opened at once by tilting just one louver.
Each season we offer a different special. Our current season sale will last until the end of this season.
Yes, just give us a call and we’ll look up your order to make sure we order the correct charger for your blinds or shades.

Our rep will bring out a pallet of our standard colors that we use to paint shutters, but if one of our colors does not match exactly, we will provide a custom color to match for you. After our paint company mixes your custom color, we will send you a sample color piece so that you can be sure it matches to your satisfaction.

We only repaint shutters that we manufacture. We do not repaint shutters that are manufactured by another company. Also, if a cleaner like pledge has been used on your shutters, we’ll need to re-sand your shutters before painting them.

Yes, they will bring shutter samples of different options available, photos and our standard colors. If one of our standard colors does not match your window trim we can do a custom match. We provide a free in-home consultation.
After the order is placed, we can come back and install in approximately 4-6 weeks. Our specialty items such as stain and arches are approximately 10 weeks. Installation/lead times could vary depending on seasonal demand.

We measure, manufacture and install our interior shutters. Our shutters are manufactured entirely here in our High Point, North Carolina factory.

No, we do not. We only sell wood and faux wood blinds.
Yes, we sell plantation shutters, shades and blinds and provide in-home installations for all of our products.
Our lifetime warranty covers any manufacturer’s defect. If there is an issue with your plantation shutters, please contact Southern Custom Shutters today.

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